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Amazing Dolphin ‘Super Pod’ video

This video showcasing thousands upon thousands of dolphins off the coast of Cape Town was posted on YouTube last week. Explorer Mike Horn and Photographer...

Healthy back tips

Hours of sitting in front of screen in the office can lead to back tension and ultimately pain, but obeying a few rules and...

20 million South Africans have been tested for HIV

More than 20 million South Africans have come forth to be screened and tested for various diseases, including HIV, since President Jacob Zuma launched...

Public servants get tested for HIV

More than 900 public servants from all government departments will get an opportunity to test themselves for HIV and be screened for other diseases...

Obesity in South Africa

Hey Boot Campers I’ve noticed something over the past number of years, and I feel compelled to mention it here as it is such a worrying factor...

“SUMMER SHAPE UP” with Extreme Boot Camp

*NEWS FLASH* *NEWS FLASH* *NEWS FLASH* Extreme Boot Camp is launching a NATIONAL competition for all boot campers – experienced; new and those still to...

Food and Exercise journal helps keep off those unwanted kilos

Losing weight seems an insurmountable obstacle for many people. "And those who do clear this hurdle are immediately faced with another: Keeping off lost...

SA’s living standards are improving

A smaller proportion of South Africans were living at the bottom of the living standards rung in 2011 compared to 10 years ago, according...

Are Detox Diets Good For You Or Necessary?

Good Day Boot Campers! I want to chat about “detoxing” or “detox diets” today. What Is Detoxing or a Detox Diet? These are diets that generally encourage you...

Study: Laws against junk food help curb obesity

U.S. laws strictly curbing school sales of junk food and sweetened drinks may play a role in slowing childhood obesity, according to a study...


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