Main continues marathon swim challenge

South African adventure swimmer Kyle Main continues the pursuit of swimming all of the Eastern Cape’s major rivers at Gamtoos on Saturday.

Main, a professional swimmer and coach based in Port Elizabeth will swim up to 20km’s of the river to the mouth, non-stop.  It will take hiim around four hours.

Main has already successfully swum the full swimable lengths of the Kromme river (10km), Kowie River (24km), Bushmans River (35km), Sundays River (25km) and Swartkops River (16.5km).

“I will start from the top of river (as high up as we can get) and swim to the mouth. I will start on a high tide. The expected distance is around 18-20km.’’

“There have been talks of the river flooding at the moment but that should not be too much of a factor.’’

Main is believed to be the first swimmer to have ever navigated the full length of these rivers and thrives on pushing the boundaries of the sport.

“Swimming can be pretty adventurous”, he says.

On his wish list remain a swim around shark active Bird Island and an elusive English Channel crossing.

He has also applied to compete at the Prestigious Manhattan Island Marathon Swim  in June 2013 and/or the Straits of Gibraltor – from Spain to Morocco (22.5km)

Manhattan Island swim in is one of the highlights of the marathon swimming circuit.  It attracts the elite marathon swimmers from around the world and entries (40) are highly sought after.

Swimmers swim anti-clockwise around Manhattan – a distance of 46km.

Start time at Gamtoos will be Saturday morning around 8:30am, and the swim should be somewhere around 4 hours.