William Moffet to get extra lanes as Third Avenue dip stays closed

The William Moffet Expressway will be upgraded from a dual carriageway to three lanes in both directions in an attempt to alleviate some of the traffic as Third Avenue dip remains closed following recent flooding.

The municipality’s Acting Director of Communications, Marthie Nel, said the level of the Baakens River has subsided sufficiently to allow engineers to assess any infrastructural damage caused to the road at the Third Avenue dip”

“Only after a full assessment by its engineers will the Municipality be able to plan and undertake repairs. It should be emphasised that it is not envisaged that the Third Avenue Dip will be opened to motorists soon,” she said.

Nel said the municipality appreciated the vital importance of the Third Avenue dip for the smooth flow of traffic in the area and would do its utmost to have the road reinstated as soon as possible.

Nel said the municipality has decided to convert the double lanes on either side of William Moffet into three lanes.

“The municipality has commenced with blackening out the existing lines, which process could be completed by Friday afternoon. The new lines will then be painted on the road surface. It is hoped that this measure will significantly improve the plight of motorists during peak traffic hours,” she said.

Nel also appealed to residents and motorists to stay away from the Third Avenue dip, as curious onlookers were interfering with municipal operations by, for example, dislodging the bollards.

PLEASE NOTE: The municipality have issued a correction on this story. Only one side of the Expressway, namely the section between Allan Drive and Cape Road, will be converted from two lanes into three and not both sides, as they had earlier announced.