R72 coastal road closed again

A section of the R72 between Kenton-On-Sea and Port Alfred has started to sag after more rain fell over the weekend, causing the road to be closed to all traffic.

The R72 was briefly closed last week after a section of the road washed away outside of Alexandria and the supports of the Kasouga Bridge, between Kenton-on-Sea and Port Alfred, washed away during the flooding. The roads were reopened to light passenger vehicles last week Tuesday after two stop and gos were put in place after one lane of traffic was reopened.

Disaster Management’s John Fobian says motorists can still drive through Alexandria to Kenton-on-Sea, then take a detour via Salem to Grahamstown and back down to Port Alfred via Bathurst or carry on to East London via the N2 through Peddie.

All heavy vehicles traveling from Port Elizabeth to East London are still being directed  to take the R63 through Bedford, Adelaide and Fort Beaufort to East London, as both the R72 and the N2 are closed to heavy vehicles.

Heavy vehicles traveling between East London and Grahamstown and back again are being allowed to use the N2 via Peddie.

Heavy vehicles traveling to PE from East London are advised to take the R63 from King via Dimbaza, rather than the N2, as the interconnecting roads between Grahamstown and the R63 at Adelaide, while open, are not in a good condition.

Fobian says the collapsed section of road will take about two to three days to be repaired.