Census 2011 results to be released today

The results of Census 2011 detailing data about the development of South Africans over the past decade will be released at 10am today.

The census looked at:

  • Where South Africans lived, by province, municipality and suburb;
  • How many people lived in a household, their occupation, age, gender, how they were related to each other, which languages they spoke most, which population group they fell under, as well as their employment and education status;
  • Which country and province respondents were born in and whether they had moved from their place of birth;
  • Health and functioning of individuals and the survival of their parents;
  • Household goods and services as well as any agricultural activities; and Mortality over the last year.

The census plays an essential role in public administration. The results are used to ensure:

  • equity in distribution of government services
  • distributing and allocating government funds among various regions and districts for education and health services
  • delineating electoral districts at national and local levels, and
  • measuring the impact of industrial development, to name a few

The census also provides the benchmark for all surveys conducted by the national statistical office. Without the sampling frame derived from the census, the national statistical system would face difficulties in providing reliable official statistics for use by government and the public.