Cabinet welcomes plan to protect economy

Cabinet has welcomed the key elements of the package agreed upon with the NEDLAC constituencies to respond to the economic challenges facing the country.

The package, which was agreed upon after talks earlier this month between government, business, labour and social partners, aims to instil confidence in the economy and to indicate to the nation that social partners will act decisively to promote inclusive growth, job creation and social stability.

“The package also seeks to normalise the industrial relations environment, end violence, support law and order and bring about greater equality,” Cabinet said in a statement after its regular meeting.

To demonstrate the national executive’s commitment to diminishing salary inequalities, Cabinet endorsed that salary increases of the national executive be frozen for the next 12 months and also agreed that other measures that have financial implications for the administration will be effected through the normal budget processes.

Cabinet further called on all South Africans to embrace all elements of the package – material and symbolic – and to assess what they could do to help ease the current situation.

On labour matters, Cabinet also approved the submission of the Labour Inspection Convention of 1947 No 81 to Parliament for ratification.

“This convention will provide useful guidance for designing and monitoring of an efficient labour inspection systems. Labour inspection is a key pillar of the labour administration system, ensuring the supervision and implementation of labour legislation and policies in the workplace.”

On the recruitment and filling of advertised posts of heads of department (HODs), Cabinet approved the Executive Protocol: Principles and Procedures for the Employment of Deputy Directors-General (DDGs) and HODs nationally.

“The Executive Protocol will ensure that the employment of HODs and DDGs is aligned to the basic values and principles enshrined in section 195 of the Constitution, in particular that of ensuring employment practices are based on ability, objectivity and fairness,” Cabinet explained. –