Shot fired at Greenacres Shopping Centre after attempted shoplifting

One man has been arrested and another is still being sought by police after an attempted shoplifting incident at the Shoprite in the Greenacres Shopping Centre in Port Elizabeth this afternoon.

Police spokesman, Captain Stanley Jarvis said the two men had tried to take a trolley full of groceries and electrical goods out the store without paying for it but had been spotted on the CCTV cameras and were stopped by security.

“When they were stopped the one man pulled out a screwdriver and attempted to stab the security guard and both men fled the scene,” he said.

Jarvis said the two men ran out the back of the complex and split up, with the man who had tried to stab the guard with the screwdriver heading towards the taxi rank next to the Roadlink bus station.

“His accomplice tripped and fell against some bins, and a shot was heard, which leads us to believe that he had a firearm on him which discharged when he fell,” said Jarvis.

Jarvis said police, who had received a description of the men from the security guards, managed to arrest the man with the screwdriver at the taxi rank, but that the accomplice had managed to get away.

A case of shoplifting and discharging a firearm in an enclosed space has been opened. No one was injured in the incident.