Port Elizabeth Based Web Sites You Should Support

Okay, I admit that my basis for requesting you to support these Port Elizabeth based web sites is a little biased as these sites consistently send traffic to MyPE.co.za.

Think back a little bit to before the internet and how people shared and collected information – mostly it was done over the fence, around the water cooler, at the pub or other social gatherings.

Then before the rise of the search engine, when the internet was in it’s infancy, people followed links from one site to the next. You landed on a site and that site recommended another site where you could get more information. It was the done thing and an early social networking model. Then sites stopped sharing links to other sites as ‘someone’ peddled the idea that it was ‘evil’ and potentially dangerous to your web site ranking on the many search engines.

This was a big mistake as, by so ding, we took the management and fun out of the internet and handed it to giant companies who had a plan to make money out of us.

To cut a long story short – if you come across a site (You know who you are local media houses!) that doesn’t refer you to other sites in your quest for more information then DON’T TRUST THAT SITE.

Rant Over – these local sites send love (refer visitors) to MyPE and, for that, we send love back to them:

  1. myportelizabeth.co.za
  2. metronewspaper.co.za
  3. budget-accommodation-port-elizabeth.com
  4. abyc.co.za
  5. nmbbusinesschamber.co.za
  6. bbaytours.co.za
  7. ecasa.co.za
  8. epaquatics.co.za
  9. port-elizabeth-accommodation.co.za
  10. dempseys.co.za
  11. mypr.co.za
  12. saaw.co.za
  13. sparshop.co.za
  14. bnbpe.co.za

We only selected Port Elizabeth based web sites out of the Top 100 referring web sites.

Thanks for helping promote Port Elizabeth guys.