House robbery at student digs in Summerstrand

A student was rudely awoken in the early hours of this morning when a man entered her room and began taking her computer equipment from a room she was renting in Gomery Avenue, Summerstrand.

Police spokesman, Captain Stanley Jarvis, said the man, believed to be between 20 and 25 years old, had gained access to the house, which currently houses eight students, at about 5.30am by forcing open an aluminum framed window and kicking in the burglar bars of one of the rooms.

“The first room he broke into was unoccupied as the student who stays there was away,” said Jarvis.

Jarvis said the man had then proceeded to steal a number of items from the empty room before moving into the passage and entering the next room, which belonged to 21-year-old Sarah Paige.

Jarvis said Paige had woken to find the man in her room.

“Although he appeared to be unarmed, he threatened her, told her to stay in bed, not do anything and remain quiet while he took her laptop, blackberry and other items from the room,” he said.

Jarvis said the man had then calmly left the house via the front door with an accomplice who had apparently stood guard in the foyer and had taken items passed to him by the man inside the house.

Jarvis said police had opened a case of house robbery and were investigating. The total value of good stolen is believed to be around R10,000. No arrests have yet been made.