Record beating rain in Mandela Bay

With eight days still left in October, 2012 is officially the wettest non-flood year for Nelson Mandela Bay and the second wettest year since records of rainfall were started at the PE Airport in 1955.

According to PE’s own Weather Guru, Garth Sampson, a non-flood year is described as a year where there is no single event or date of flooding that stands out, such as the first of September floods in 1968.

Sampson said the recorded rainfall for Nelson Mandela Bay up to the 22nd of October was 985.4 mm.

In comparison, the only year that had more rain was 1968, where 1032.6mm of rainfall was recorded for the same period.

The recent rainfall over the past week pushed this year’s recorded rainfall past 1974’s recorded 966.5mm and 1981’s 923.5 mm.

As Sampson points out, the total rainfall recorded for 1968 was 1068.4 mm, which means that just over 83 mm of rain between now and December 31st, would make this year the wettest on record.