R72 closed at Nanaga and Port Alfred

The coastal route between Port Elizabeth and East London has been closed until further notice following extensive damage due to the recent heavy rains near Alexandria and Port Alfred.

Disaster Management spokesman, Captain John Fobian, says the road has been closed after a portion of the road collapsed about 3km outside of Alexandria on the Nanaga side, while the Kasouga Bridge between Kenton-on-Sea and Port Alfred is in the process of collapsing.

Fobian says the safest route from Port Elizabeth to East London, is as follows.

  • Take the N2 to Nanaga,
  • then the N10 (towards Cradock)
  • pass through the Olifantskop Pass,
  • then take the turnoff to Bedford,
  • then on through to Adelaide,
  • Fort Beaufort,
  • Alice,
  • King Williams Town
  • and into East London.

The same route applies, in reverse order, for those wishing to travel from East London to PE.