Jason Goliath & Tumi Morake live at the Boardwalk

Funny is back by popular demand this October at The Boardwalk Casino Complex’s Action Bar and the best news is it’s free

Jason Goliath and Tumi Morake will be performing this Friday evening from nine in the evening till late.

Goliath, who has performed to full houses at venues such as, LOL Globe Theatre, Parkers Monte, Emperors Palace, Melville Underground, and the Captains Comedy Festival, couldn’t fit all his personality into one body nor could he fit all his funniness into one performance so he’s back with his uncomfortable truths filled with energy and character.

Morake is one of a few successful South African female comedians. She has performed on stage, on television and in film; in English, Afrikaans, Sesotho, Setswana and IsiZulu all over South Africa.

Morake has shared the stage with comics such as David Kau, Marc Lottering, Stuart Taylor and Chris Forrest; at festivals such as Whack Jobs, Heavyweights Comedy Jam, Blacks Only, King Size Comedy, Have a Heart, Just Because Comedy Festival and much more.

So if you’re keen on forgetting about your worries and your cares for a few hours, pop on down to the regular, free, Friday night comedy shows at the The Boardwalk’s Action Bar. If you get there early you can even order a delicious a pub meal (which is not free, but well worth it.)