Today’s Traffic Hooligan is DXV 869 MP

This vehicle, registration number: DXV 869 MP, was spotted in Mercado Centre, Admiralty Way, Summerstrand on 21/09/2012 at around 08:40 am.

Now this particular gentleman (see him running away behind his vehicle) deserves to receive top billing as a particularly silly HOOLIGAN.

He saw me taking a photograph of his illegal parking and still said to me; “I am only parking for a few minutes to load” Wrong my son, wrong. He then told me that I had better not ‘dare’ to publish the image I had taken.

Walking into the Spar I was stopped by a lady getting into her vehicle (with a disabled sticker) who told me that this gentleman I had just photographed looked closely like the one that she had parked in on an earlier occasion as he had refused to move out of the disabled parking.

In what I suppose was an attempt to intimidate me this traffic hooligan then followed me around the Spar without buying anything.

On my return to my vehicle – the traffic hooligan had parked his bakkie next to mine and proceeded to take a photograph of my registration and myself. I enquired what he hoped to accomplish by doing so and he once again threatened my person by saying; “Just you dare publish that image and you will see what happens to you!”

THIS hooligan deserves to have this image shared and re-posted on millions of web sites just for being a TRIPLE THREAT TRAFFIC HOOLIGAN.

Submitted by: Alan Straton


21/09/2012: Today’s Traffic Hooligan – DXV 869 MP

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