Coronation believes that trust is earned

Coronation have launched a new advert that tells the remarkable true South African story of conservationist Lawrence Anthony, as portrayed in his bestseller ‘The Elephant Whisperer’.

In 1999 Anthony was asked to take on a herd of rogue elephants that otherwise would have been killed. It was their last chance of survival; and so against all odds, he put his life at risk to build a relationship with the elephants, gaining the acceptance and trust of the matriarch Nana and, through her, the rest of the herd.

Shortly before filming, Anthony sadly passed away and thus the commercial is told through the perspective of his French-born wife, Fran├žoise.

Coronation’s CIO, Karl Leinberger, said Anthony’s story had resonated strongly with Coronation.

“Just like Lawrence needed to show extraordinary fortitude, humanity and perseverance in winning the trust of a rogue herd of elephants over many years, at Coronation we need to earn the trust of our clients and build on our long term track record,” he said.

“We feel that around the world people are experiencing a diminishing circle of trust whether its the banking industry, life insurance, government, whatever it is, people are questioning who they can trust. We have the task of managing people’s retirement capital over a 20 to 30 year period and we can only manage that money if we earn the trust of our clients,” said Leinburger.

Leinburger said they were extremely grateful to Fran├žoise for agreeing to be the narrator for the advert and for delivering a truly authentic and emotional account of the story.

The story, and the commercial, documents how given time, dedication, perseverance and communication, Lawrence managed to rehabilitate the elephants and ensure their safety and longevity. By showing that trust is hard earned over time, Coronation communicates its role in building and maintaining relationships with its clients.

The elephants used in the commercial were with the full support of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, an independent, non-profit group which seeks to reverse the dwindling spiral of the plant and animal kingdoms and the environment through education and action. During filming the welfare of the elephants was monitored by veterinarian Hamish Currie, a director of NGO Back to Africa.