Springclean Your Fitness Routine Extreme Boot Camp Style!

Hey Boot Campers!!!

Long time no chat – but don’t despair as Spring is almost here!!

It’s that time of year again; the sun’s shining a bit brighter and the days are getting longer and warmer. So what better way to get motivated than ditching your gym routine for a workout program with outdoor exercises? Kick off spring with a healthy start by getting the right gear, revamping your routine and doing some “spring cleaning” in your kitchen cupboards and fridge. Here’s some tips to get you started.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Book a Physical Believe it or not, only around 20% of all people get an annual check-up. Be one of them! It’s important to keep tabs on things like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Set a Schedule…but Be Realistic If you haven’t been working out much this winter, don’t go overboard. You’ll only find yourself getting frustrated and will be more likely to give up on your workout program.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Team Up You’re more likely to stick with your plan if you’ve got an accountability buddy. Choose someone who has similar goals who’s schedule fits with yours.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Buy New Running Shoes If you’ve been hitting the gym (and the treadmill) all winter, chances are, you’re due for a new pair.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Clean Out Your Kitchen Get rid of all comfort foods. They are low in nutritional value, and way too high in calories.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Protect Your Skin Now that it’s warming up, you’ll be heading outside again. This means more sunshine that your skin is exposed to. Slap on some sunscreen.

Outdoor-Fitness-Jump-RopeSpring Training Fitness Tip: Jump Rope Head outside and skip! Skipping with a jump rope can burn about 208 calories in just 20 minutes. And you can do in your backyard.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Update Your Workout Wardrobe Throw away worn-out and tatty workout clothes, invest in some funky new stuff. Girls, update your sports bras too!

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Stay Hydrated Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Also remember to drink during your workout.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Get Sporty Break up your routine with outdoor exercises like boot camp. Even kicking a ball with your kids will get your heart going!

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Hit the Farmers Market. Soak up some of that spring sunshine while you shop for fresh fruits and veggies.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Change Your Thinking Stop focusing on goals based purely on weight loss, rather concentrate on overall health and wellbeing. And find a sport or activity you actually enjoy. Why not try Extreme Boot Camp?

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Step Off the Scale Muscle weighs more than fat, so although you may look more toned, there’s a chance you might not be shedding the kilos at the rate you’d expect. To get an accurate measure of your progress, focus on losing BODY FAT rather than just weight.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Sign Up for a Race Adding positive goals to your fitness routine will make you feel better and also give a purpose to your training other than losing weight or fitting into those skinny jeans.

Spring Training Fitness Tip: Reward Yourself Don’t forget to take care of your hard-worked body! A sports massage is the perfect way to pamper yourself, while alleviating toxins and speeding up muscle recovery.

And there you have it – a Springclean for your fitness routine!

Until next time time guys; stay strong; eat well; and keep training like a WARRIOR!!

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