Take a Deep Breath before Witnessing This Dog’s Pain


The past few weeks have entailed a lot of fieldwork for the Animal Anti Cruelty League (AACL), with kennels and blankets still being delivered on a daily basis.

Linda Louise Swain says; “The way Port Elizabeth came together to donate towards this project has been fantastic. Thank you so, so much.”

From the AACL Case Files and Diary:

  • 31 July – Untold Suffering: During a dip day in the Barcelona area, the AACL found a dog that had had boiling water thrown over it. No one had done anything about it. The Vet’s medical opinion was that her suffering had to be ended immediately, as it was too far gone. May she run free over the Rainbow Bridge, never to have to suffer again. Full investigations and court case to follow. (Editor’s Notes: Sensitive folk are advised to leave this page now and NOT scroll down)
  • 4 August – Annual Street Collection: The AACL collectors really did a wonderful job with a special mention for the many Ecos/Interact and drama pups from Pearson who either donned uniform or a dogsuit to collect all over the city. A big thank you to the Port Elizabeth Public who so willingly donated for AACL to raise in excess of R40 000.
  • 7 and 8 August – 24 Sterilisations: Done by Dr. Kobus who did a locum for the AACL Vet on leave.
  • 15 August – Vastrap Dipathon: Urgent help needed – after delivering kennels to this area on 29 July the AACL were greeted with some really devastating animal neglect. The 24 sterilisations done were from this area and an urgent dipathon will take place on Wednesday to dip, de-worm, inoculate and treat for minor wounds. Volunteers are needed to meet at the Cleary Park AACL Centre at 9:00 am and return to the centre at around 1:00 pm. AACL are desperately appealing for extra food and wire to create running wires for animals that do not have sufficient running space. Many of these homes are without enclosed yards and animals are chained. If the animals are removed they are simply replaced and chained again. The AACL try to educate, provide the running chain and erect it themselves so that it is in place for the poor animal.
  • 16 August – Urgent call for a Pellet-packing party: At 30 Kragga Kamma Road, Sunridge Park, at 5.30p.m. Pellets need to be put into smaller bags for the spayathon, as each doggie goes home with a packet of pellets or two! Call Hilary on 041 3602332 if you are able to help!
  • 18 and 19 August – Motherwell Spayathon: Courtesy of Bev and Patrick Scott who walked The Saxon Shore way of 260km and in doing so raised funds for the AACL. The AACL have not been able to source a suitable, sufficiently sterile building in which to operate, so will be transporting the animals to and from Motherwell to the Cleary Park Centre. With the continued flooding of the last few weeks, literally all the food and blankets that the AACL had in stock has been handed out. Drop-off points for food and blankets can be found at the AACL Bargain Box Shop, 9th Avenue, Walmer, Retropickers, Main Road, Walmer – between 9th and 10th Avenue and 30 Kragga Kamma Road, Sunridge Park.

During a dip day in the Barcelona area, the AACL found a dog that had had boiling water thrown over it.

AACL Panga Nose Doggy

AACL Panga Nose Doggy

Open Your heart: During the flooding, the AACL went into Barcelona to help mop up, provide blankets and food and to rescue any animals in need. This poor little boy had been tortured for fun. His ears were cut in half with a blunt instrument and his nose had been sliced open with something like a panga. These were old wounds and the poor dog must have suffered terribly at the time, without any medical treatment. He was sitting outside in the pouring rain, with absolutely no shelter, food or water. His true ownership could not be established, as there were several people who laughed over his injuries and ran into a back shed with him, where they were all smoking hubbly-bubbly of the very potent kind! He is the happiest, friendliest little boy, who has subsequently been neutered. His injuries are not of any hindrance to him whatsoever. As a squatter camp dog, he may well chase cats, but he certainly loves all other dogs and humans with the greatest of passions.

Linda-Louise pleads; Please, please see beyond the scars that humans have inflicted and let this little one bring undying love into your home and heart.”

If you are unable to give of your time, then monetary donations may be made to the AACL: PEACHAACL, Absa Newton Park: 511917, Account Number: 9210194329, Reference: Winter projects