NMB Water Crisis: Second pipeline is up and running

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality announced this morning that the second of the two damaged Churchill pipelines has been finished ahead of schedule.

“This is good news for the longer term security of water supply to our city, and water has already started to flow, but it will take two to three days to become part of the supply,” said Acting Director of Communications, Marthie Nel

“Our water situation is therefore still under stress and residents are again asked to use water sparingly to ensure that all areas in the city receive a minimum supply,” she said.

Nel said there was also a short term power failure at the Loerie Water Treatment Works which was affecting the treatment and pumping of a section of the municipality’s water supply.

“The municipality is making contingency plans to address the situation while the electricity fault is being investigated and resolved.  This again highlights the need for every resident to cut down on water consumption in their households,” she said.

Acting Executive Director of Infrastructure and Engineering, Barry Martin, also repeated appeals to residents to work together.  “What every householder consumes in his or her household does affect the overall availability of water in the city,” he said.

The municipality asked anyone who did not currently have water to contact the Municipality’s call centre on 0800 20 50 50.