Nelson Mandela Bay electricity reconnected

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has confirmed that the power outage at the Kestellhof substation has been fixed and that residents of Perridgevale and surrounding areas are now receiving electricity.

This meant that all areas originally affected by the explosion at the Mount Road substation have now been reconnected, said Acting Communications Director,  Marthie Nel.

“Any isolated household or street that does experience a power failure must please report this to the Electricity call centre at 041 506 5595 or 041 374 4434 that the problem can be investigated,” she said.

The water supply around the municipality has also stabilsed and all areas are currently receiving water, except for Kensington, which is an isolated problem and is being attended to.

 “The power at the Loerie Water Treatment Works was restored earlier this afternoon.  However, due to the power failure, the mechanical and electrical equipment at the works has to be reset, after which the work will be put into operation again to continue treating the water supply to the city,” said Nel.

 Nel said a number of complaints have also been received, particularly from the Summerstrand area, that the tap water tastes of chlorine.

Acting Executive Director of Infrastructure and Engineering, Barry Martin emphasized that this was not cause for alarm, as the municipality has increased the dosage of chlorine following the commissioning of the second pipeline.

“We wanted to make sure that the water supply to residents is clean and safe.  This is a temporary measure only, and the residents will soon notice that the taste of chlorine dissipates and will vanish completely,”  he said.

Reflecting on the very short time frame within which the two major pipelines washed away by the recent floods were repaired and brought back into operation, Martin paid tribute to all key role players in the process.

“This has been a massive team effort, in which many municipal employees went the extra mile.  I want to thank them for their hard work and sacrifice.  I would like to pay special tribute to the 860 employees in the Water and Sanitation division in the Municipality, who all sacrificed their time and effort, whether directly or indirectly.

“At the center of the exercise were the operational teams, who performed magnificently, and other key role players, from the call centre operators in the Water and Sanitation division, who fielded thousands of inquiries from the public expertly and patiently, to the many water tank operators, who ensured that the public had access to clean, potable water at all times,” he said.

“The success of this effort was also ensured by good cooperation with other municipal directorates, notably Electricity and Energy, Roads  and Stormwater, Communications, and the Parks Division.  A job well done!”