Municipality calls for patience as infrastructure fails

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has called for residents to exercise patience and use water and electricity sparingly following the explosion of a sub station in Mount Road last night, leaving large parts of the city without power and adding to mounting concerns over failing service infrastructure.

“The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality acknowledges the inquiries and concerns of residents around the current electricity interruption experienced in some areas of the Metro, as well as the low levels of water supply experienced in some areas,” said Acting Communications Director, Ms Marthie Nel.

“As far as the electricity interruption following the explosion of a transformer at the Mount Road substation last night is concerned, the good news is that the electricity supply to all affected areas in the city will be restored today,” she said.

Nel said however, that the power would most likely only be restored later today, possibly into the evening.

“Workers are hard at work at the substation, mainly cleaning up the carbon dust that is covering all surfaces following the explosion of the transformer,” said said.

Assistant Director of Distribution, Carl Hempel, appealed to residents to use power sparingly.

“If you live in an area affected by the interruption, and your electricity supply is restored, please continue to use electricity sparingly, at least until Monday, to ensure a continuous supply,” he said.

“What we don’t want, is a run on/excessive usage of electricity, as this will lead to another interruption in certain areas. We also acknowledge that residents in areas such as Mill Park, Humewood and Korsten have been affected by the interruption.”

Nel said the municipality also made a similar appeal to residents who were currently experiencing a low level of water supply.

Acting Executive Director of Infrastructure and Engineering, Barry Martin, said the current low level of water supply experienced was as a result of excessive usage in certain areas.

“I again appeal to all communities to adopt a conservative approach to water usage, to ensure that we will all continue to receive a minimum supply of water,” he said.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused to residents.