NMB Water Crisis: University still without water as toilets back up

Despite assurances from Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality that water would be restored at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University  by 6pm yesterday, the North, South and Second Avenue campuses are still without water, the university said in a statement this morning.

“This means many of the NMMU toilets are blocked. Even though plumbers are on site, a lack of water means that the problem cannot easily be fixed,” said the university’s media liaison, Roslyn Baatjies.

Baatjies said students and staff were being asked to use the following ablutions:

South Campus:

  •  Buildings 12 and 13 and the Main Building

North Campus:

  • Residence toilets only

Second Avenue:

  • Residence toilets only

“According to the municipality NMMU is in the lowest lying area in Summerstrand and therefore at the furthest point of distribution. Hence, the reconnected water has yet to siphon down to NMMU. We have again, however, been assured that water should reach us by later today,” she said.

“In the interim, a request for tankers containing drinking water has been made for distribution on the affected campuses but unfortunately, they cannot be supplied. Water tankers for general non-drinking usage are already available close to the various student residences.”