NMB Water Crisis: Still no water in areas, but city working hard to rectify

Parts of Nelson Mandela Bay, most notably Summerstrand, Gelvandale, Gelvan Park, Parkside and some others in the northern areas are still without water, but the municipality is working around the clock to restore water to these areas.

With the cost of repairs to the two damaged pipes on the Churchill Pipeline – which burst in the early hours of Thursday morning last week causing widespread water shortages in the city – expected to run over R1-million, senior municipal officials are holding an emergency planning session this morning to see how they canĀ  restore water to those areas that are still without.

Municipality spokesperson, Kupido Baron said they were aware that Summerstrand, Gelvendale, and Gelvan Park are critical areas in terms of water distribution.

“We have our engineers at the drawing board at the moment, looking at solutions to get water to these areas. We hope by this afternoon we hope to have supply back, but at the same time we are trying to avoid affecting the supply to other areas” he said.

In a letter to ward 2 residents, ward councillor Dean Biddulph said he agreed that affected residents have every right to feel angry and frustrated.

“The ward office contacted Barry Martin, head of water for the metro this morning to try and ascertain exactly when this portion of Summerstrand will be back on line and was informed that whilst the pipe has been repaired, that the reservoirs are still being recharged,” he said.

“The reason why Gelvandale and Summerstrand are among the last to be reconnected is because both areas are located at the end of metro supply lines and as such, will receive reticulation last. Martin also indicated that because so many residents are continuing to draw off water excessively, this is causing further delays,” Biddulph wrote.

Officials are holding an urgent meeting this morning to assess the supply situation and will be redirecting water where possible to ensure that all areas are back up today.

Once again I sincerely regret the inconvenience and assure you that the metro is doing all that it can to restore normal supply to all areas. Once again, for any information, please call the JOC on 0800 20 50 50 or the ward office on 041 585 0515.