NMB Water Crisis: Calls to stop stockpiling as areas begin running out of water

The Nelson Mandela Bay municipality have called on people to please stop stockpiling water, as reservoirs are quickly running out of water.

“It is clear that people are deliberately stockpiling large quantities of water, despite our earlier calls to use water sparingly,” said municipal spokesman, Kupido Baron.

Baron said it was clear that people were taking large quantities of water, as reservoirs that were being filled by the municipality were emptying at a phenominal rate.

Baron said this meant that there was less water to provide for those who had heeded the call and were trying to conserve what little water remained.

Baron said the Municipal Disaster Management’s Joint Operations Centre had officially been activated this morning to co-ordinate relief efforts as reservoirs ran dry.

“So far we have reports that Summerstrand, Newton Park, Greenacres, Shauderville,  Overbaakens and Fernglen have run dry,” he said.

Reports via the Public Servant News Network Port Elizabeth page on Facebook have also reported that the water supply in Walmer and Walmer Downs has dried up.

Baron said two water tankers had already been dispatched to assist the St Georges Hospital and the Renal Clinic in Cape road, who were experiencing water shortages and were offering critical services to the public.

Baron said the municipality would provide more information as it became available.

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