SA business women choose careers over children

South African women are boycotting babies while they concentrate on their careers and buy property, according to a report  this morning.

In a market where it has become extremely difficult for first-time home owners to secure mortgages, approvals for women have overtaken those for men at the upper end of the market, the Business Day reported.

Credit bureau Compuscan found that of mortgages between R1 million and R3 million from January to March, 57 percent granted to people under the age of 30 went to women. For mortgages of less than R1 million, this dropped to 54 percent.

“While women dominate in the lower age brackets and lower mortgage balances, this trend undergoes a significant shift in the higher age brackets and higher mortgage balances, where men take the lead,” the bureau’s data analyst Jacobus Eksteen reportedly said.

He said the shift could, among others, be attributed to the salary gap between men and women in the country.

“The shift could also be attributed to the fact that more and more women are choosing to boycott the traditional roles of motherhood until their mid-to late-thirties and then to re-enter the job market after they have raised their children.”

“I think it is worth remembering, though, that these statistics vary and are volatile from quarter to quarter,” he said.