How I got Caught

One of my more idiot savant tendencies is to stand up for the disabled by preventing people not authorised to do so from parking in spots reserved for disabled people.

Today I am still kicking myself for realising that I am a bleeding heart liberal prejudiced white male – although I am not too sure which word I should place my ‘ist’ at the end of.

On occasion the Longhair, her Apprentice and I like to stroll to the shops with the hairy four legged monsters in tow. Last night we popped along to the new Acres Complex and, upon exiting, I noticed a vehicle pulling into a disabled parking. I have noticed that these miscreants are like vampires and become more numerous as the dusk exerts it’s influence. I strolled up to the driver as he got out of his vehicle and politely addressing him as Sir (don’t you hate it when some idiot addresses YOU as Sir?) pointed out to him that he did not have a disabled sticker on his vehicle. He slowly walked to the rear of his vehicle, opened the hatch and pulled out a Walker for his rather large passenger. Flabbergasted I double checked that his vehicle didn’t display a disabled sticker, stammered an apology, watched my tough words splinter on the ground and walked away.

BUT, on the way home I realised that I had been played and caught by a player of note because the mere possession of a walker and a rather large walking challenged passenger STILL DOES NOT grant anyone the right the right to park in a disabled parking. Lets face it – an unattended vehicle in a disabled parking HAS TO have a disabled sticker, even if the person using that parking is disabled, as it demonstrates to vigilant citizens such as I that it has a right to be there.

So, the jury is still out on what type of ‘ist’ I became last night – you choose and let me know: non-disablist, fatist, walkerist, idiotist, playerist, caughtist, or cowardist?