Empty olympic seat gets a lot of attention on Twitter

Britons displayed lots of humour during the opening ceremony of the London Games and haven’t lost it over the ticket issue either, with an empty Olympic seat getting plenty of followers on Twitter.

The empty seat, aka @OlympicSeat, had almost 18,000 followers by this morning as he quietly suffered through its ordeal of not being used.

“My grandfather was a seat in the 1948 Olympics. He made it sound so grand. I wanted to follow in his footsteps,” was one of the entries.

“My mother wanted me to embark on a more stable career path, become an Ikea chair for example. But I felt I was destined for greater things.”

“It was my lifelong ambition to be an Olympic seat. To provide rest and comfort for cheering sports fans. I feel like such a failure.”

The Olympic seat was suffering as organizers continued to sell unused tickets, mainly from the Olympic Family, at short notice and give other seats to volunteers to fill the venues.

Yesterday’s tweet read: “There’s a man sitting on a seat two rows in front of me. Why couldn’t it have been me? *sigh*”