Fair Warning to Able Bodied Disabled Bay Parkers

Last night, in quick succession, I had gentle, rising to a crescendo altercations with two brain dead miscreants who parked in the reserved disabled parking bays at the new Acres Complex in Perridgevale.

I understand now where the term Road Rage originated from!

Both drivers tried the same tactics and questioned me thus:

  • It is only for a minute!
  • What about the car in the disabled parking bay next to my car?
  • Who do you think you are?
  • I have a sore leg!
  • There was no-one in the parking!
  • Have you never done anything wrong in your life?
  • And so on ………

So, I now resolve thus: Soon, very soon, I am going to sit at the new coffee shop at the Acres Complex with my laptop and camera and record every single miscreant that parks in the disabled parking bays and post images of the vehicle, the driver and it’s occupants.

Anyone want to join me?

Anyone want to sponsor the copious mugs of coffee that I intend to drink and maybe throw over people who are under the impression that stupidity is a disability?