Too “busy” to train??? Think again!!

Good Morning Boot Campers

Happy Friday the 13th!!!  Today I want to chat about how to fit your workouts into your schedule when you think you are just too “busy”!!

Fitting a workout program into a hectic schedule can prove difficult.  Usually starting a workout program means rearranging your daily calendar for it; this leaves most people confused and befuddled.  Even though everybody agrees that exercise should be a regular thing, lack of time and the fast pace we live at can make sticking to a workout schedule a problem.  It shouldn’t.

If you’re looking to make training part of your daily life; I have some tips that can help.

Be Honest

First thing you need to do is to be honest with yourself.  Do you really lack the time for the workout or are you just making excuses?  Get to the bottom of things and assess whether you’re really making fitness and health a top priority. Excuses do not come from nowhere; instead make a full evaluation and in-depth analysis of your daily schedule.

Create a Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  No two ways about it!!  People who plan their training sessions achieve a higher consistency with their training program over the long haul.  Make sure you have a weekly planning session where you come up with a step-by-step breakdown of your training program and schedule. Instead of finding time for a workout, create time for it.

Exercise First Thing in the Morning

One of the best ways to make time is start your day earlier.  In fact, people who exercise first thing in the morning tend to stay more consistent with their training programs; regardless of how busy their calendar is for the rest of the day.  Start by getting to bed earlier and getting your training gear ready the night before, so when the alarm goes off, you’ll be ready to tackle the challenge head-on.


What’s not prioritized gets marginalized.  This is true for ALL of us!!  We all have hectic schedules, yet we all have time for our demanding priorities. Therefore, make exercising an important part of your life by setting goals and sticking with the training plan.

Focus on Qualityhigh-intensity-training

When it comes to getting the most out of a training workout, quality is key.  So, if you STILL think that those long slow cardio sessions are the best training option, you need a serious training program overhaul.  Rather opt for high intensity training interval to make the most of your time; such as the training we do at Extreme Boot Camp.  Interval training will help you squeeze a workout into those busy days, AND it will help you burn loads of calories, boost your endurance and metabolism, and get you into the best shape of your life.

Not convinced?  Come and give Extreme Boot Camp a try, and YES, we do have classes early in the mornings!!

Until next time; stay warm, stay strong and keep Training Like A Warrior!!!


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