What Makes YOU a Warrior and Athlete?

Hey there Boot Campers

During numerous great sporting events I’ve watched the over the past few weeks, such as the Comrades; the Super Rugby; the soccer; and now the Tour de France and with the upcoming Olympic Games; I’ve found myself on numerous occasions wondering and pondering upon the question of what makes you an athlete; a true WARRIOR…

I’ve looked at the “important” things; talent; genetics; training; nutrition; “big match” temperament; all the scientific stuff….

AthleteHowever, the one thing that sets true athletes and Warriors apart from the rest is HEART.  The will to succeed!  The power to continue regardless.  The ability to keep going when your body wants you to give up; when your lungs are screaming at you to just STOP!!!  But your mind is strong enough to override the overwhelming need to fall over and rest – this my Boot Campers is what I consider a true athlete and Warrrior.

And this brings me to another realisation…. And that is simply that one doesn’t have to be the best, the quickest, the strongest, to be called an athlete and a Warrior.  You merely need to have that will and desire to succeed at what you’ve set out to do, to achieve YOUR goals.

So BE that athlete and Warrior – be the person who achieves his or her goals, BE the person who never gives up – regardless of being tired, feeling like you want to stop and rest… Remember, every sustained effort brings multiple rewards!!!

Until next time Boot Campers; stay strong; stay lean; stay fit; have fun; be fabulous and be the athlete and WARRIOR!!!!



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