MyPE Goes Mobile

The MyPE Business Directory goes Mobile

For a while now I have wanted to develop a Mobile Friendly version of the MyPE Business Directory – something quick loading that will be friendly to even the lowest specced mobile phones and, at the same time, provide the user with the essential information needed when on the go.

If you don’t want to listen to any further waffle then go now to the MyPE Mobile Directory. Well, what are you waiting for? Click already and move away. The URL for your mobile is:

I used the MyPE Classifieds as a testing ground for the bolt on to the directory and then plucked up the courage to migrate my settings and templates (with minor tweaks) to the Business Directory.

Essentially you will now be able to find the telephone number AND physical address of any Port Elizabeth business listed by using the search box provided.

I think that it is a pretty awesome addition to the MyPE suite of free services.

Any modifications, additions etc on the main MyPE Business Directory are instantly reflected on the Mobile Buisness Directory.

I must give a hat tip to young Edward Labuschagne from Serve-Hosting who gave me some awesome input and advice; “Thanks Edward!”

What, are you still hanging around? Go, go now and have a look at the MyPE Mobile Classifieds Directory and MyPE Mobile Business Directory.

BTW – No the phone in the image above is NOT mine – I still do not possess a mobile!