Three Doctors Singled out for Misconduct Investigation

One can only say that the administrative staff of the East Cape Department of Health continue to display mind numbingly single celled thinking…..

The latest move under the hand of the Acting Chief Officer of the Eastern Cape Department of Health, Dr N.N. Qangule has been to deliver letters (dated 26 June 2012) inviting Dr Luwisile Pepeta (HOD of Paediatrics), Dr Basil Brown (HOD of Cardiology) and Dr Sats Pillay (HOD Surgery) to discuss ‘Allegations of Misconduct’ by stating that these doctors have; “violated and/or contravened Chapter 1 of the Public Service Regulations (as amended) as well as the Departmental Communications Policy by releasing a statement or information about the Department of Health without permission to the media.”

Methinks that the EC DoH will find themselves in between a rock and a hard place if they decide to discipline and fire these doctors as they, by that action, will further cock up a DoH that already has a moratorium on the hiring of new staff along with sending a clear message to the electorate that they actually don’t care about the voters and, in fact, are quite happy to see them die in droves whilst the amoebic administrative staff enjoy private health care.

I think back to the dark days when my late Father-in-law, Neil Villet, fought tooth and nail against the National Party government so that he could establish a vascular clinic at Livingstone Hospital, at the hours and hours he and his peers gave up freely to attend to patients and serve on the Livingstone board in service of mankind and it irks me no end that, in the 1990′s, some petty bureaucrat decided in his wisdom to chuck these elder medical statesmen off of the board and place paid puppets in those positions to do the bidding of one celled administrators in the Department of Health.

I suppose that it is one more example of political meddling gone wrong by educationally challenged pen pushers.

One last thing East Cape DoH – it was YOU that brought politics into the department and not the patients of the doctors, how dare you mess with peoples lives in such a manner!

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