Friday Rant – Herald, BRT, Home Affairs

Home Affairs:

So my son of 20 years of age goes down to Home Affairs to apply for a passport.

Before he goes he makes sure that he has the required copies, images and black pen.

He gets the required forms, fills in the required information and proceeds to the fingerprinting department.

There is one other gentleman sitting there.

The fingerprinting official enters and observing that the gentleman has no forms and proceeds to help my son.

The formless (gormless?) individual proceeds to accuse the fingerprinting official, in Xhosa, of being racist by helping my son.

I have the following message for THAT idiot; “Most times it is about being prepared and smarter and NOT about race!”

BTW: Both the OFFICIAL and GORMLESS were black – my son is white (at least that is the box he ticks on all official forms).

BRT? What BRT?

We are all aware that Port Elizabeth’s wonderful new BRT road system built for the 2010 World Cup is at best a joke and at least a bloody embarrassment that needs some serious attention TWO YEARS after the completion of the World Cup. The robber barons have departed from our shores and left us with a bit of a mess that needs to be cleaned up.

So why then are we spending money on other sections of our road network whilst conveniently ignoring the mayhem and frustration caused by our FAILURE of a BRT System?

Two calls for tenders issued by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality this week refer:

  1. Upgrading of John Tallant and Grahamstown Road, including Trunk Road 63.
  2. Additional lanes at Stanford Road and Cotswold Interchanges.

Could someone please explain why we seem to be haphazardly throwing money at patch jobs?

The Herald Goes All Weekend Post on Alan Mounter:

Alan Mounter – the Richmond Hill neighbourhood watch chairman was named as Hooligan of the Day by The Herald.

Of course the Hooligan of the Day slot doesn’t sell newspapers very well if there is NO image of the supposed Hooligan.

So, what does The Herald do? They go to Alan’s Web Site: DIY Stress Relief and, without his permission, copy and reprint an image of Alan in support of their article about his being removed as Chairman and for the Hooligan of the Day feature.

I ask you with tears in my eyes; “Did The Herald not learn from my little spat with the Weekend Post around copyright issues?”

If I was you, Alan, I would be demanding that The Herald remove every single image of you from every single newspaper that they sold or published. What they did was steal from you in support of a smear campaign against you and you should lay charges.

What little I know of Alan convinces me that he will not lay charges, nor will he fight back. So I presume that Avusa can breathe a sigh of relief – BUT, that still doesn’t make it right!

The image you see below is published by MyPE with the kind permission of Alan Mounter from DIY Stress Relief.

Alan Mounter

Alan Mounter

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