Exercise and Diabetes

Good Morning Boot Campers

I want to briefly discuss a topic that is affecting many people these days.  Training with Diabetes.

bc_4Diabetes is a metabolic disease that has been linked to the development of many other diseases such as heart disease, strokes, peripheral vascular disease and nearological disorders.

Diabetes is classified into two categories; Type I and Type II.  Typically Type I occurs mostly in younger individuals (although not always!); and Type II mostly in older individuals.

Effective management and prevention strategies are of utmost importance for people with Diabetes, and exercise is one of the most important management strategies for a person with Diabetes.

People with diabetes are encouraged to exercise regularly for better blood sugar control and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  The reason for this is that muscles which are working use more glucose than those that are resting.

Muscle movement leads to greater sugar uptake by muscle cells and lower         blood sugar levels.  Additional benefits of exercise include a healthier heart, better weight control and stress management.

There are some exercise precautions which people with diabetes must take, but when done safely, exercise is a valuable aid to optimal health.  And just because you are diabetic doesn’t mean that your fitness regime must be BORING…

Hypoglycemia can occur if a person who is taking blood sugar lowering medication has:

  • Eaten too little carbohydrates (fruit, milk, starch) relative to the exercise.
  • Taken too much medication relative to the exercises being done
  • Combined effect of food and medication imbalances relative to the exercise

Those who do not take diabetes medication do not need to take these precautions.

Always drink plenty of water  before, during and after exercise to stay well-hydrated.

If you are not sure what exercise you should do – consult a fitness professional such as an Extreme Boot Camp Drill Instructor, we will advise you w.r.t. what is best for YOU!!!

Remember boot campers – weight control is ESPECIALLY important for Diabetics as increased body weight means increased symptoms and uncontrolled blood sugar levels!!

Until next time – keep safe, keep warm, stay motivated and keep training like a WARRIOR!!!


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