How Do You Stay Motivated to Train during Winter?

Hi there Boot Campers

Been a bit busy off late – but I’m back!!!  Seeing that the days are shorter and cooler, and the nights so much longer, I decided to try and motivate you guys to stay active during winter.  Here’s some useful tips for you!!

WINTERSo, avoid the urge to hibernate, because it only leads to procrastination and weight gain.  And it’s going to be 10 times harder to get going again when summer’s here!!!




Here’s Your Tips:

Plan outdoor events that get your heart rate up. Jogging is an activity that  beginners and experts can enjoy. Remember to wear warm clothing that will protect you from the cold.

  • Limit the amount of television you watch, because it’s easy to get  comfortable on the couch and eat all of your groceries.
  • Eat well balanced meals to keep up your energy levels. Avoid eating too many carbohydrates and sugars, these will make you feel lazy. Have hot porridge for breakfast and a warming tea with your lunch and dinner. Drinking water throughout the day instead of coffee will keep you hydrated.  If you must have something warm, opt for herbal tea without sugar.
  • Wake up in the morning and open the curtains or turn on the lights to brighten the room. This will ensure that you are awake and ready for your day. Too often people become depressed, lethargic, sleep way too much and overeat on comfort foods during winter. Go outside and get some fresh air and exercise, because it causes your body to release  endorphins which in turn will make you feel energised and happy. This boost of energy can relieve the symptoms of lethargy and keep up your metabolism.
  • Stay in good company. Sometimes it helps to do your exercises with  friends and family. Just make sure that you don’t pick a person who is going to persuade you to skip out on your training! If you don’t have someone to support you, join Extreme Boot Camp, or a gym, do some yoga, or pilates or spinning. This can help get you out of the house too, and sometimes it’s getting out of the house  that is the hardest part of winter.

So remember Boot Campers – winter is NO excuse to stop training and gain back all that weight you worked SO hard on to lose. Get active, and get a head start for summer!!

Remember – Warriors are not that easily scared by a little bit of cold weather!!!  Stay warm, stay strong and keep training like a Warrior!!!


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