Dear Gwede You Cannot Censor the Internet

I agree that NOT showing the artist’s impression of Jacob Zuma’s lunch box is a good thing, especially when it comes to the type of person who reads MyPE – good solid upstanding citizens with families who are of morally sound inclination and abhor human rights abuse is how I like to think of those who do so on a regular basis. Of course the Longhair’s sister and her husband also read MyPE on occasion – it is a free world so I have to let them!

So, when I pasted an image of The Spear on MyPE I deemed it necessary to place the equivalent of a Scope Magazine Star over our president’s lunch box – those with excellent eyesight will be able to read the rather clever strap line on the lunch box for themselves.

For those youngsters who never had the privilege of living in a censored environment, Scope was a lads mag that featured women in various states of undress and in bikinis – if a nipple or, heaven forbid, anything else was featured it had to be covered with a star – hence men of a certain age having an absolute mammary fixation – see below for a pictorial illustration of the delights of the Scope Magazine Self Censorship era before the fall of apartheid and censorship:

Jacob Zuma Censorship

To this day men over 40 go ‘starry eyed’ at the sight of a nipple – Self Censorship Scope Magazine style

Of course the internet has made censorship a tad more difficult as electronic images and ideas are being shared faster than ever.

The ‘moral’ victory that Comrade Gwede Mantashe has secured over the City Press to force the removal of our President’s lunch box is really a bit like farting against a gale as THAT image is still freely available on sites all over the world – not to mention being stored on probably millions of computers as well.

Two of those are: The Spear Lives On and Wikipedia.

Try a Google Image Search for Jacob Zuma, The Spear.