Bodyweight Training vs. Traditional Gym Workouts – Extreme Boot Camp Style!!

Hi Boot Campers!!

It’s Monday, a new day, a new week – another chance to be the best YOU that you can possibly be…

This brings me to a topic I am very passionate about – as you guys probably know by now!!  And that is bodyweight training – the method of using one’s own bodyweight to do your workouts.

Let me let you in on a secret previously known by only a few of the world’s best trainers…

body-weight-trainingYour body is the BEST piece of gym “equipment” in the world for helping you GAIN muscle and BURN fat without spending tons of money or having to spend hours doing long boring useless cardio workouts at gym!!

Countless soldiers, professional bodyguards, gymnasts, martial artists, dancers, and athletes have long relied on bodyweight training to build a lean, long, sexy body.

And here’s something that NO fitness magazine will ever disclose to you.  Those cover models they put on their magazines; the ones with the six pack abs and flat stomachs?  Only a small percentage even workout with weights!  Most of them are simply athletic and just like to “bash out” a few quick bodyweight workouts per week.  Hardly any mainstream cover models spend hours in the gym, even though that’s what the magazines tell you month after month.

It’s a complex conspiracy to keep you coming back for long traditional gym workouts, even though their superstar cover models don’t even use those programs.  The men and women with the long, lean bodies you want don’t use
workout machines or even spend much time in gyms at all…

…they are warriors, athletes, surfers, climbers, and all types of other people who prefer bodyweight exercise and fun activities over boring machine workouts.

Bodyweight workouts are for people who want a life, not a life sentence of 2-hour long boring gym workouts every day!!!  Wouldn’t you much rather be on the beach enjoying your life than being in the cardio area of an empty gym on a Saturday morning?  I know where I’d rather be!

Bodyweight Cardio workouts are more effective for total body conditioning and fat burning as opposed to traditional cardio workouts at a gym.  Studies have shown that traditional long, slow cardio workouts actually don’t work; while bodyweight training can help men and women gain muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Bodyweight workouts are for men and women who want to improve their health, fitness, mobility, and vitality and want faster results in a shorter time period.

If you want to burn fat and sculpt your body like a cover model – just say NO to long, boring cardio and extreme overuse bodybuilding workouts – you’ll love the effects of bodyweight training.

I’m convinced that metabolic circuits like the ones we do at Extreme Boot Camp are the next evolution in interval training.  Come try it out some time – what have you got to lose???

Until next time Boot Campers – stay strong, stay lean, stay warm and keep training like a WARRIOR!!!


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