PE sports fans literally put their butts on the line

Listen to this crazy-assed idea

So the whole world’s nuts about soccer and, with the Champions League Final coming up on 19 May, bets are being placed around the world. None of these as mad as one made between two PE fans. While many claim to be willing to “put their arses on the line” for their team, Mark and Tom have taken this expression quite literally.

No ifs, just butts

Mark’s behind Bayern Munich; Tom supports Chelsea. And there’s a lot riding on the final result of the Champions League. But, there’s no turning back. Hands have been shaken and an agreement has been struck.

The bottom line

If Bayern Munich loses, Mark’s gluteus maximus becomes a canvas for tattoo-artist Kirsty of Yo-Clothing. If Chelsea loses, then Tom’s tush is up for grabs. And, as though a public tattooing on your tochas isn’t bad enough, the loser gets to live with Juju on his tail for the rest of his life!

Pucker up, Juju

That’s right. Mark or Tom will have a caricature of Julius Malema tattooed on his bum directly after the match on Saturday.

An ass for an arse

Cartoonist Zapiro has signed up for the fun, and provided four caricatures of Juju for the boys’ buttocks, but the final decision is yours. Vote for your favourite on The Music Kitchen’s facebook page or at the venue. Choose to be cruel or choose to be kind. After all, you have Mark or Tom’s … er … fate in your hands.

To watch the Champions League Final and see the sore loser, be at The Music Kitchen (69 Mangold Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth) on Saturday, 19 May. The game starts at 20h45. Book now on 041 364 1964.

YOU can also help in selecting the Malema caricature by voting on Zapiro’s website.