Nandos meets Santam’s challenge, and raises it

Nando’s has responded to Santam’s challenge and, proving they’re not chicken, raised the bar by offering the Johannesburg Children’s home more than just a meal on their chosen day, but a meal a month for a year according to

This follows after Nando’s spoofed the insurance company’s Ben Kingsley advertisement and Santam replied with a challenge for Nando’s to deliver a list of menu items to the Johannesburg Children’s Home. (See video above.)

According to, Radio 702’s Bruce Whitfield addressed the issue on The Money Show late on Tuesday and calculated that the cost of the list of menu items amounts to R6 310.

Alistair King, of King James ad agency, the agency responsible for the Santam adverts, told Whitfield he felt the spoof was in good nature, but “no one ever spoofs the spoofer, so we did.”