Gardener: “Malema owes me”

Embattled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema’s gardener claims he has not been paid for two months, and he is owed R1200, according to a newspaper report on Thursday.

Joseph Mabuza, who works on Sundays for Malema, told The Star he had not been paid for February and March.

“I just wish Julius pays me. I borrowed money from people for my transport. I also took a lot of things on credit,” Mabuza was quoted saying.

The gardener, who lives in Tembisa and works during the week for another employer, claims he spent R26 on transport every Sunday in order to work at Malema’s house.

Malema has denied the claim.

“He has failed to report for work for a long time and now he accuses me of owing him money. If I do, he must come and collect his money. I will wait for him,” Malema told the daily newspaper.

Mabuza said he had worked for Malema for more than four years.