Cellulite; Exercise & Diet – Can you get rid of it?

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 BEACH BUMSNow who wouldn’t want a perky, well-toned, sexy beach bum?  However…. The reality is that most of us have some cellulite in some form or another!!!

 We all know what cellulite is and where it likes to accumulate – our butts, thighs, and sometimes even on the “love handles” and arms!!  And GUYS; listen up – you are NOT immune to cellulite!!!  I know plenty of men who battle with it.

 The big questions is – will all those pills, creams, anti-oxidants, brushes, lotions and potions help to get rid of cellulite?  The short answer is NO!!  So what remains then?  Easy… A healthy diet and a good exercise plan!  Such as the stuff we do at Extreme Boot Camp.

 Now that we know that cellulite will go away with diet and exercise, let’s find out what causes cellulite in the first place.  Cellulite appears when the muscles in your cellulite prone areas become limp and under toned.  Your skin and the fat layer beneath it also become limp and uneven and this is what causes the skin to pucker and give you the cottage cheese look.

The only way you can get rid of the “cottage cheese” look is to tone up these muscles to create a smooth look on the outer most layer of your skin.  What you are doing is simply toning up your muscles so they will push out against your skin so that it is pulled tightly and evenly.

In order to firm up the muscles, you must do specific exercises that stimulate change in the muscle tone and firmness which directly affect the outside appearance of your skin.  The result of performing these exercises is tightening and smoothing of the skin that is directly on top of the muscles.

So now that you know that cellulite will go away with a healthy diet and exercise – don’t put it off – get started right away.  At Extreme Boot Camp we can help you get rid of cellulite with the exercise programs we offer.  We will assist you to get rid of flabby arms and legs and give you total body toning.

Now that we’ve covered the exercise; let’s talk about the diet you need to assist the exercise program and to keep the cellulite from returning.  We need to reduce cellulite and get a lean and healthy body.

Your daily eating plan should be made up of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, whole grains and lean proteins.   All processed foods should be banned from your diet – gassy cold drinks and artificial sweeteners are also off limits.  And drink water people!  Lots of it!

You will be pleasantly surprised what a difference it will make when you switch to eating whole natural foods instead of processed foods.  You will lose fat, have more energy, your skin will be radiant and your cellulite will diasappear.

Want more information?  Well join Extreme Boot Camp TODAY as all our naturition advise is absolutely FREE to all Boot Campers!!

 Oh yes, one last thing… Don’t go into “hibernation mode” during winter!!!  It is just SO much more difficult to start moving again when spring time hits us – always remember; if you want a healthy and fit body, you have to work at it all the time.

Until next time Boot Campers; stay lean; stay strong and keep training like a Warrior!!!


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