Reduce the number of Provinces: ANC

ANC policy documents released
Treasury should allocate health revenue

The status quo of the provinces is not viable and neither is removing all nine provinces, the ANC said in policy discussion documents released on Monday.

“The ANC government must reform, rationalise and strengthen provinces,” it said in a paper on legislature and governance.

It proposed that there be fewer provinces which were functional, effective, economically sustainable, which integrated communities on non-racial basis and did away with ethnic boundaries.

“The role of provincial legislatures [needs to] be refocused and mechanisms to strengthen legislatures be developed,” it said.

It suggested that the roles and responsibilities of provinces be legislated in order to remove uncertainties and disputes.

“This is especially necessary since the district level of government is to be reviewed.”

The ANC government needed to develop a policy which would underpin and guide the task of reforming, rationalising and strengthening provinces.

This task had to be carried out by the government through the appointment of a panel of experts.