Semi Soet [2D] (PG L)

Rating: 7/10

Cast: Anel Alexander, Corine Du Toit, Nico Panagio, Sandra Vaughn, Diaan Lawrenson, Louw Venter and Paul Du Toit

Written by: Anel Alexander, James Alexander, Joshua Rous, Sandra Vaughn

Director: Joshua Rous

Now showing at: Walmer Park and The Bridge

Workaholic Jaci van Jaarsveld (Anel Alexander) will go to any lengths to protect the boutique advertising agency she works for from being bought and dismantled by a ruthless businessman known as The Jackal ( Nico Panagio). Hope exists in the form a huge contract for a prestigious wine farming family. But winning this contract wont be simple, Jaci needs to convince the farm owner that she lives up to his company’s ideals of family values and commitment by proving that she is in a loving, long term relationship.

Desperate to appear to be living the balanced life she has long discarded, Jaci decides to hire a model to stand in as her fiance, and assumes that the attractive man who walks into their offices has been sent up by the modelling agency.

Everything seems to be going to plan until the farmer invites Jaci and her fiance to the wine farm along with the representatives from a competing agency, who just so happens to be Jaci’s ex fiance, Marcus Rossouw (Paul du Toit) and his super hot new girlfriend, Chadrie Snyman (Diaan Lawrenson).

Things start to get very complicated, very quickly for poor Jaci, especially since the man she has hired to be her stand in fiancé, is the very Jackal who is trying to sink her company.

You would be forgiven for feeling that you have seen the film before as you walk away, as it lends heavily from just about every successful romcom you can think of, from Bridgette Jones and Pretty Woman to Notting Hill and everything in between. In fact you could easily picture the four writers sitting around a table somewhere, sipping their favourite drinks saying things like “remember that scene in…” I mean really, “Ek is net n meisie…” (I’m just a girl…)?

That said the movie was enjoyable and funny, with a number of fantastic one liners that had the entire cinema chuckling out loud. Far better fare than the simplistic, crass humour we’re usually fed.

The backdrops of a fast paced Johannesburg and the natural beauty of the Western Cape wine estate is fantastic and overall the movie has a sleek, professional feel about it.