Businesses warned to beware of rugby fraudster

A Western Cape-based con-man is apparently using false affiliation with the South African Rugby Union  (SARU) to con businesses out of money.

SARU announced this morning that a Western Cape-based conman has been attempting to defraud local restaurants, saying that at least two Cape Town establishments have been approached to take bookings for large groups from someone purporting to be “Chair, Organising Committee, SARU”.

In one instance a Cape Town restaurant received a booking for a meal for 27 people on the strength of an apparently forged “proof of payment”. In the other a booking was made for 36 people.

The “proof of payment” is then used to claim overpayment for the forthcoming booking. The fraudster requests reimbursement into his account in order to ensure his party is able to pay for transport to fulfil the booking.

Businesses are advised to beware of a person calling himself Craig Adams, claiming to be “Chair, Organising Committee, SARU”.

He uses the email address [email protected] in an attempt to lend credibility to his scam. SARU has no such employee and does not operate such an email domain.

SARU is making further inquiries with a view to referring the matter to the South African Police Services.

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